Citi FM/TV raid: CSD condemns the arrest of Kudah and Zoe by National Security Operatives

Center for Social Democracy official, Williams Ampomah has expressed his displeasure for the way the National Security Operatives stormed the Citi FM/TV premises to surprisingly arrest Mrs. Zoe Abu- Baidoo Addo after the  arrest of Caleb Kudah for allegedly filming a National Security Installation without due consent.
Caleb Kudah and Mrs. Zoe Abu- Baidoo Addo are Journalists who work at Citi FM/TV. Kudah was accused of filming National Security Installation specifically abandoned vehicles parked at the premises of the National Security Ministry in Accra without due consent whiles Mrs. Zoe Abu- Baidoo Addo was accused of electronically receiving some video files from her colleague, Caleb Kudah. 
From our sources about seven armed police officers raided the premised of Citi FM/TV on May 11, 2021 and arrested Mrs. Zoe Abu- Baidoo Addo after the arrest of Kudah earlier.

According to an interview Center for Social Democracy  granted Citi FM monitored by, Williams Ampomah said  “we want to ask the security operatives to point to us which offence Caleb Kudah committed and even if granted he committed an offence, was storming the media house in such a fashion the best way of dealing with the matter? We take that as a threat to our democracy and those things are the things that were done in the past during the military era, and we would least be expecting it to be happening these days under a President who has been touted as a consummate democrat.”

“This is not an isolated case because it has been happening, and it appears to be a strategy by the government to put fear in the populace so that they will not have the courage to talk about the ills of its operations and this should not be allowed to go on,” he added.

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