A brand new ‘trifunctional’ contraceptive gel boosts libido, prevents being pregnant and reduces the chance of sexually transmitted ailments (STDs), its creators say.

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Researchers from North Carolina State College within the US created the yellowish gel, which incorporates spermicidal, anti-viral and libido-enhancing brokers. 

When examined in a rat mannequin, the gel each enhanced male libido and prevented being pregnant in 100 per cent of instances. 

This in comparison with a mean 87 per cent efficient fee with a commercially obtainable contraceptive gel. 

Whereas the gel is but to be examined in people, the researchers say it provides nice potential for enhancing the protection and high quality of sexual activity.

The researchers' schematic image showing the process of gel preparation and the functional evaluation. It contains spermicidal (gossypol), anti-viral (tenofovir) and libido-enhancing (nitroglycerin) agents. The experts found sperm motility (its ability to move independently) and viral infection went down, while libido and erection was more pronounced

The researchers’ schematic picture exhibiting the method of gel preparation and the purposeful analysis. It incorporates spermicidal (gossypol), anti-viral (tenofovir) and libido-enhancing (nitroglycerin) brokers. The consultants discovered sperm motility (its means to maneuver independently) and viral an infection went down, whereas libido and erection was extra pronounced 


Nitroglycerine is an oily, colourless and unstable liquid that may explode in massive portions. 

In a lot smaller portions, nitroglycerine has helpful medical properties as a result of it is capable of dilate blood vessels and enhance blood circulation.

It is used to deal with angina signs, resembling chest ache or strain, that occurs when there may be not sufficient blood flowing to the center. 

1000’s of sufferers in Britain already take nitroglycerine each day to fight chest ache, normally within the type of a tablet, pores and skin patch, mouth spray or ointment. 

However it’s additionally identified for its potential means to deal with erectile dysfunction.

The gel is believed to work greater than 12 occasions sooner than Viagra, which three million Brits are at present taking.

‘We’re utilizing three pharmacological brokers in a brand new formulation,’ stated examine writer Ke Cheng, a professor of regenerative drugs at North Carolina State College. 

‘Our hope is that this trifunctional contraceptive gel may additional improve the protection and high quality of sexual activity.’ 

The brand new carbomer-based gel incorporates the contraceptive gossypol and the antiviral tenofovir, in addition to the extremely explosive chemical compound nitroglycerin.

In small portions, nitroglycerin can dilate blood vessels and enhance blood circulation, in addition to improve sexual frequency and enhanced erection. 

Cheng and his workforce first examined the gel in vitro (in glass lab tools) to find out spermicidal and antiviral efficacy.

Additionally they examined the potential undesirable aspect impact of toxicity to vaginal epithelial cells. 

At 10 micrograms per millilitre of gossypol focus, the gel was efficient in killing virtually 100 per cent of pig sperm – used for in vitro testing – in 30 seconds. 

Decrease concentrations have been equally efficient by 180 seconds.

Researchers additionally examined the gel in vitro in opposition to a lentivirus, a sort of retrovirus that causes continual and lethal ailments.

The workforce discovered that it did have an inhibitory impact, which indicated its potential to cut back transmission of STDs. 

B) shows scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of the new gel. Left panel, low power field of the gel, scale bar, 100 micrometre (one millionth of a metre, μm). Right panel, high power field of the gel, scale bar, 10 μm. C) shows gel in a glass bottle that has been flipped upside down. D) shows the gel in a small glass vial turned upside down

B) reveals scanning electron microscope (SEM) photos of the brand new gel. Left panel, low energy area of the gel, scale bar, 100 micrometre (one millionth of a metre, μm). Proper panel, excessive energy area of the gel, scale bar, 10 μm. C) reveals gel in a glass bottle that has been flipped the wrong way up. D) reveals the gel in a small glass vial turned the wrong way up

The gel was additionally proven to not be damaging to epithelial vaginal cells, as cell injury in handled cells was not considerably totally different from non-treated, or management cells.

Nontoxicity of the gel to vaginal epithelial cells was demonstrated after two hours of publicity, which the researchers say ‘was lengthy sufficient, in our views, to imitate human intercourse exercise’.  

Subsequent, the researchers checked out contraceptive results in 18 feminine lab rats.  

The rats have been divided into three totally different teams, all receiving totally different gels.  

Six of the rats acquired the brand new gel, whereas one other six acquired a typical commercially obtainable contraceptive gel Contragel, which incorporates the spermicide nonoxynol9. 

Researchers said: 'Under the microscope, we observed that when sperm cells made contact with the gel, they lost their forward-moving motility'. Pictured, image of the morphological observation of sperm. Scale bar, 100 μm

Researchers stated: ‘Below the microscope, we noticed that when sperm cells made contact with the gel, they misplaced their forward-moving motility’. Pictured, picture of the morphological commentary of sperm. Scale bar, 100 μm

The ultimate six rats have been positioned in a management group and acquired clean carbomer gel as a placebo. 

All feminine rats have been then positioned in the identical cages as fertile male rats for mating. 

The females within the trifunctional gel group had no pregnancies, versus one being pregnant within the nonoxynol9 group, the workforce discovered.

In a separate animal experiment, the gel was utilized to the penis of male rats to find out its impact on male libido and erectile operate. 

Photo of newborn rats, born to a female that had received the commercial contraceptive gel containing nonoxynol9 (Contragel)

Photograph of new child rats, born to a feminine that had acquired the business contraceptive gel containing nonoxynol9 (Contragel)

‘Our gel, containing 1 per cent nitroglycerin, helped the male penis grow to be totally erect,’ the researchers say of their paper, revealed in Bioactive Materials

As well as, the gel shortened the incubation interval for male rats (the period of time the male took to mate as soon as positioned in a cage with a feminine). 

It additionally elevated the variety of occasions male rats mated with females, in contrast with the rats with out gel utility, ‘indicating the enhancement of male libido’.  

‘The trifunctional contraceptive gel we created yielded larger contraceptive success charges than these available on the market,’ the workforce say.

‘It was formulated with the added advantages of defending in opposition to STDs and enhancing male erectile operate throughout sexual activity. 

‘Combining three FDA [US Food and Drug Administration]-approved and marketed brokers collectively, our trifunctional contraceptive gel has nice potential for enhancing the protection and high quality of sexual activity.’

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