10% of Ghana’s population is likely to be infected with coronavirus based on the model generated, according to Presidential Advisor on Health. He made this known in one of the media houses in Accra.

If probabilistically Ghana’s population is 30million then it means that 3 million Ghanaians are going to be diagnosed with coronavirus if Dr Nsiah modelling is to hold.

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“We expect that about 10% of the population may be infected and out of the 10% of the population 80% may not show signs or symptoms at all and 5% of them will be very ill, that is the projection,” he said.

His projections also imply that 2,400,000 Ghanaians when they are infected with the virus may not show signs and symptoms at all. It also means 150,000 would get infected and would be critically ill. This means that more death will be recorded because the survival rate for those who are diagnosed with coronavirus is very low.

He also added that the modelling may not be applicable if Ghana adheres to the strict observance of the precautionary measures stipulated by WHO and partly because of the situational factors.

“If you look at the cases that we are seeing, the cases that are getting critical are very, very small…it means, we have a situation where this hypothesis may be the case in Ghana,” he clarified.

If this modelling works then Ghana will be in big trouble. Currently, Ghana’s confirmed cases of coronavirus stand at 1024 making more frightened. This means that Ghana is one of the African countries with a high confirmed case of COVID-19 considering the fact that Cameroon has 1,017 cases, Algeria with 2,629 cases, Morocco with 2,855 cases, Egypt with 3,144 cases and South Africa with 3,158 cases.

My question to Dr Anthony Nsiah is that if this model is something to ride home about why didn’t he advise President Akufo Addo not to lift the partial lockdown on Accra, Kumasi and Kosoa considering the fact that he is the Presidential Advisor on Health?. The lockdown should be revisited and the necessary proactive measures need to be done by the government and strict compliance of COVID-19 preventive must be upheld by Ghanaians



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