The coronavirus has brought untold hardship to the world on many fronts. The epidemic has killed thousands of people ranging from adults to children. The disease emanated from China and now it has infected people from all the continents in the world. The disease does not regard dignitaries, celebrities, the aged, young adults, teenagers or children.

Having observed with deep concern the graving effects of coronavirus I decided to pen these effects on the world.

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Sporting activities in the world have come to a standstill. English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Italia Serie A, and all the other Premier Leagues in the world has been halted temporarily. Even some of the football players and coaches have tested positive to coronavirus and are undergoing treatment. All other sporting activities that promote social gatherings have been muted.

One of the major revenue centers in the world, tourism has been greatly hampered and so many countries have halted travelings in and out of their shores or borders. Donald Trump has declared no travel from in and out of America for nationals and non-nationals for a while to Europe. In Africa, Ghana has canceled all travels from in and out of her borders having recorded 9 cases. This stoppage of in and out of borders of a country means no further tourists are created to beef up the tourism sector. There is declining revenue. In Portugal for example, Cristiano Ronaldo has done something which deserves commendation he has practically converted his chains of hotels to hospitals to be used to treat people with coronavirus. Additionally, their medical bills will be borne by him as long as you are treated in his hotels.

Coronavirus has eroded some of the cultural practices which depict the exchange of pleasantries. People cannot shake hands, hug, kiss cheeks or contact physically in the name of exchange of pleasantries again. Once you make bodily contacts with infected persons you are infected automatically. Coronavirus spread is faster than HIV/Aids, Sars or even Ebola.

Exports and imports from and to countries in the world have reduced. Coronavirus is posing these questions;

who works on the goods to be imported?

who works on goods to be exported?

Are they people who are coronavirus positive which is unknown to them because they have not tested. Some carriers of coronavirus do not show symptoms initially. Idris Elba in his video on twitter said he showed no symptoms of the disease but he got tested positive. Most production sectors have shut down due to the disease.

Effect on production, car production centers in the U.K. has shut down for a while. 8,000 staff of BMW, 3,000 people of Toyota and 3,000 employees of Honda have been asked to stay home because of the epidemic. Other productive sectors of the economies have shut down their operations with the exception of the health sector. The health has not been shut down because they are caregivers and taking care of coronavirus patients and other patients. Their work involves saving lives. Colossally, in the world, we have dwindling production spanning from agriculture to manufacturing to a service industry, etc.

The epidemic has also hampered the education sector. England is shutting schools down. Other parts of the world have already shut down both private and government schools. This has disrupted the academic year. It has also affected the students who were about writing major examinations.

The increasing mortality rate, coronavirus has killed about 10000 people globally and still counting. It has killed has brought about family, and children loss. Husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, acquaintances and loved ones are lost already and still counting. Able-bodied men and women who can work and contribute meaningfully to society are dying in their numbers as a result of this epidemic.

If the world does not find permanent solutions to this epidemic early, it forms a basis for the world’s economic crunch. The pounds sterling has depreciated against the dollar at its lowest level and it is because of lower levels of production, exports, businesses in general, etc.

If the disease is seen earlier, it can be treated. You should be increasing your immunity by; having enough rest, taking in vitamin C tablets or foods, drinking enough water, doing enough exercise, social distancing by at least 1 meter and early report to the health center when you suspect it.



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