Health secretary for the Uk Matt Hancock has revealed how the government has rejected the calling of face-covering for office workers.

His comments came amid increasing confusion surrounding new rules on masks, with Mr. Hancock claiming the government has no plans to make people wear face coverings in the office.

“It is something we’ve looked at and rejected,” he said, but added masks would be worn elsewhere by the public “for the foreseeable future”.

Face coverings in shops will become mandatory in England on 24 July.

Mr. Hancock said coverings help prevent spread during brief encounters with strangers, but that social distancing and hand washing are more effective for contact with people over long periods of time.

Questioned on the actions of his colleagues and confusion surrounding the rules, Mr. Hancock said: “It is absolutely straightforward that from July 24 we’re making it mandatory to wear a face-covering in a shop in the same way it’s mandatory on public transport and in the NHS.”


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