A couple from San Francisco who couldn’t invite their family and loved ones to the exchange of their nuptial vows due to the Coronavirus restrictions filled the church pews with the photos of their loved ones giving the ceremony a real touch.

The couple, Emily Manashi and Parris Kachi exchanged marriage vows at their holy matrimony in an empty church with their only onlookers being immediate family members and photos of loved ones taped to church pews.

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The wedding ceremony was held at St Ignatius Church at San Francisco, California. The state of California is observing a wide stay-at-home order due to the Coronavirus.

Emily and Parris contemplated canceling their wedding ceremony as a result of the stay-at-home order after being engaged for one year.

Khachi who spoke to ABC News said: “Once the shelter in place took effect, we spent some time figuring out what we should do next.”

“Neither of us wanted to postpone indefinitely since it’s hard to figure out when things will feel right again. Meanwhile we did not want to put our loved ones at risk,” Khachi continued.

The wedding was attended by only close family members. They observed strict social distancing protocols at the event. The wedding was streamed live for those who couldn’t attend.

Other church members also took part in the ceremony through the live stream. They also taped their photos on the church pews.

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