Police said a Utah couple were murdered after the murder suspect returned for his forgotten car keys. Albert Enoch Johnson fled the couple’s home with $20 but forgot his car keys.

Prosecutors say Albert targeted the couple, Tony Butterfield and Katharine Butterfield because he knew they had money. He arrived at their home just a mile and a half away from his own home with a mask on. He said he just wanted money.

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According to Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, Albert is seen on surveillance footage climbing upstairs to the couple’s bedroom where he forced them out at gun point on the night of April 18.

Albert left with $20 and the couple’s phones which he tossed away after leaving their house. On his way home, he realized he left his car keys at the Butterfield’s.  Tony called Albert by his first name when he reached their door to get his car keys. He asked Albert “why” he did what he did and stabbed him with a knife to prevent him from entering the house. Albert shot Tony and continued to shoot Katharine for screaming.

The charges state that, “When he got to his car, he removed his mask and realized that he did not have his car keys

“Tony saw Johnson without his mask on and addressed Johnson by his first name and asked him, ‘Why?'”

Albert Johnson agreed to killing the couple and said it was “painful” that have shot Tony because he didn’t intend to kill them.

He was charged with two counts of aggravated murder and eight other felonies.

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