Based on the report from the Ghana Health Service, 5,526 have recovered from the coronavirus infection. Ghana before today had 4548 recoveries. This clearly brings the total recoveries to 10,074.

According to the Ghana Health Service record, there are 514 new cases, 85 deaths. The total confirmed cases stands at 13717. This means that subtracting the total recoveries of 10074 from 13717 gives 3558 active confirmed cases of coronavirus.


Ghana Health Service Records

The following  are the cases that were recorded in the various region of Ghana;

Greater Accra Region – 7,860;
Ashanti Region – 2,637;
Western Region – 1,142;
Central Region – 789;
Eastern Region – 358;
Volta Region – 309;
Upper East Region – 271;
Oti Region – 105;
Western North Region – 82;
Northern Region – 61;
Savannah Region – 37;
Upper West Region – 32;
Bono East Region – 23;
Ahafo Region – 8;
North East; Region – 2;
Bono Region – 1
There is a new air of hope that Ghanaians will overcome the coronavirus pandemic and so Ghanaians must not relent on following the hygiene protocols postulated by the Ghana Health Service and World Health Organization (WHO).
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