A student of the Wesley Senior High School in Konongo is said to have contracted the deadly coronavirus and is currently with his family in kumasi

According to reports by Citi News, the student was rushed to the Konongo Government Hospital after showing symptoms of the virus but was diagnosed with malaria and asked to return home.

He later was said to have contracted the virus after he was left to go home alone from konongo to Kumasi where he stays with his parents.

According to the uncle of the boy, he is not in isolation and is currently leaving a normal life with his family knowing very well that he has the virus.

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He is also blaming health officials and school authorities for not handling the issue properly.

“The government has said that no parent should come to the school to visit their ward… We are told that you don’t have to get close to people with COVID-19 and so I am very concerned that they left the student to journey on his own alone from Konongo to Kumasi. He returned to his mother and siblings and is still living with them. We don’t have any place to quarantine him. His mother has also taken the test and her results are not out yet,” he said.


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