West Ham manager David Moyes has said he was totally “embarrassed ” with refree Mike Dean’s decision to give Tomas Soucek a red card.

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Mike Dean consulted the pitchside monitor following the incident after being invited by VAR offical Lee Mason having initially waved play on.

Following his review he sent the West Ham attacker off and Davide Moyes was amazed by the decision.

“That worries me even more that they’ve made that decision tonight. I’m amazed they’ve even sent them to look at it,” said Moyes.

“Even more amazed that Mike chose to do something with it. What can we do? I don’t think anyone in football or football management are convinced by the rulings we’re involved in.

“It’s an accidental clash. I’m more embarrassed for whoever was on VAR and made that decision and thinks that is any way deliberate. I think he makes contact, but VAR don’t see that it’s an accidental thing then it’s difficult, isn’t it? I don’t know what to say.

“Sometimes these decisions can affect you badly.  We hope that it doesn’t, but I’m amazed that they’re even considering letting that go to VAR and not seeing it as accidental. It’s an incredible decision.

“I’m actually quite embarrassed for Mike that he would have made that decision.”

Manyb pundits including Gary Lineker, Jamie Redknapp, Oliver Holt also used their social media handle to show their displeasure in Mike Dean’s decision to send Soucek off.

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