Donald Trump will not condemn white supremacy during Tuesday’s presidential debate, arguing that the problem does not lie with his supporters.

When Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden were in their first presidential debate in 2020, one of the most contentious things that night was how Trump rejected moderator Chris Wallace’s questions about white supremacy.

Wallace asked if Trump, who is campaigning for a message of law and order, was willing to condemn white supremacy and militia groups, and ask them to step back and not increase violence in major cities, like is being seen in Kenosha and in Portland.

Fox News presenter referred to the devastation and violence in Wisconsin and Oregon, where protesters clashed with law enforcement and right-wing groups who said they were motivated to respond to the first protesters – BLM protesters.

Kenosha authorities said a armed teenager traveled with a gun from near Illinois and killed two people in a protest.

During Tuesday’s debate, Wallace compared Trump, 77, to Biden, 74 when Trump repeatedly claimed Biden did not sufficiently condemn the violence and national unrest.

The President, refusing to condemn white supremacist groups which he has been accused of supporting went on to say that all that he has seen so far in connection with the violence is left-wing groups.

When pressured to denounce the groups, Trump said, the “Proud kids” should “stand down and standby”. He continued to lash out at Biden to do something about left-wing groups, mentioning Antifa because they are the real problem.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden responded to Trump’s callout explaining that Antifa is an ideology and not a group citing comments made by the FBI Director Christopher Wray.


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