Last week Mr. Nana Akwasi Agyeman popularly known as Gemann declared his interest in marrying the Television Personality, Delay whose real name is Deloris Frimpong Manso, however, Deloris has denied ever meeting the music star and dancer,  Gemann now evangelist.

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Gemann in an interview last week says “Marrying Delay is one of the biggest plans I intend to achieve. After I lost my ex-wife, I have not married any other woman. I traveled all the way to Ghana to purposely marry Delay,”

The Delay says this when a fan asks her about it?.

“I’ve never met him before. It’s called clout chasing,”, Delay says.

The answer of Delay is contrary to what Gemann said that he knew her already and that he came to Ghana because of Delay.

Well let see what the situation unfolds, anything is possible, time will tell.

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