It is psychological in nature and undesirable emotional state which is necessitated by obnoxious situations or practices. Anxiety may be caused by internal and emotional factors. When one is exposed to undesirable situations like financial stress, marital or relationship stress, family stress, chronic health conditions.

Anxiety starts from the brain and then to other parts of the body. Anxiety could be heightened when one eats unbalanced diets where consumption of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals is minimal. Consumption of foods that contain carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are necessary for a healthy nervous system.
The intake of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and stimulants like caffeine. These have negative effects on the nervous system.
A person who is anxious is advised to take;
•Wheat Grain
• whole grain
• banana
• nuts
• yogurt
• vitamins B6
You can seek counsel from a qualified and trustworthy counselor if the anxiety persists. Additionally, some sources of anxiety are attitudinal and must be solved from that standpoint whereas others are financial, mishappenings, spiritual nature that could lead to depression if not attended to.
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