Divorce happens when a wife or husband and/or both decide to back out of marriage legally and socially. The marriage is dissolved by undoing the initial agreements and institutions by communicating to the extended families involved. Marriages are breaking up incessantly every day at courts and marriage registries.

In fact, divorce leaves indelible negative impression on the children up till adulthood. Children in that marriage before the expiration of the marriage go through the pain of one or two.

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Some of the effects of divorce on children;

Emotionally unstable; children who witness divorce often sob for days or months. They become irritable and go through mental stress. They are generally not happy.

Bizarre behaviour; children sometimes becomes hostile to even the other children. Because they feel one of the parents has left them alone, and so affected children like to live isolated life. They do not generally like to even mingle or socialize with their classmates or peers at all unless they are normalised.

Depression sets in; from experience, some of the children develop a greater love for one of the parent at the expense of the other. If divorce occurs it happens that their favourite is going to be away from him/her they tend to lose appetite, have sleepless night and go through mental torture and depression. Some even get sick unless he/she has heard from her favourite parent.

It affects the academic performance of the affected children at school. Because children themselves also go through psychological trauma they tend not to focus as before on their academics. This sometimes makes them perform abysmally at school

Affected children may carry the impression that marriage is about divorce and remarrying. Children tend to emulate what their parents do in marriage unto their future marriage.

In conclusion, married couples should try as much as possible to avoid divorce by satisfying what each spouse wants and other precursors of divorce in a bid to help their children. Divorce is a canker that should be minimised possibly.

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