Marrying for the wrong reasons is the worst mistake one could make because it makes marriage unsustainable and unhappy.

  1. Beauty motivated

Attraction based on beauty alone is not the only fundamental reason for choosing and marrying someone. Many other criteria are essential to be looked into before marrying. Beauty diminishes with time. This invariably means that when the beauty fizzles out, the marriage also ceases to exist. When divorce does not take place, infidelity is likely to rear its ugly head in the marriage.

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  1. Pity motivated

Marrying out pity is the most dangerous thing for one to focus on. Marrying out of compassion is not sustainable. If you realize the other partner does not love you or you don’t love him or her, the honorable thing is to break from that relationship humbly and wisely. It is not ideal to have pity because you think the break up will hurt him or her. If you marry him or her because break up hurts it could be a recipe for being unhappy in marriage owing to the absence of love. Marriage without pragmatic love is slippery.


  1. Only financial consideration

When you marry someone on the basis of financial capacity excluding all other important factors for choosing a life partner makes the marriage unsustainable especially when the financial expectations are not met. Choosing a life partner is arrived at based on intricacies or congeries of criteria. Dwelling on financial stance only to marry someone is a recipe for pandemonium

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