Divorce is not a palatable experience and not easy to deal with. It has its own repercussions and complexities. Divorce should be the last resort in marriage. However, there are exceptional cases that may precipitate a divorce.

I want to make clandestine the complex stages of divorce ;

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Emotional divorce– divorce emanates from this stage where the feeling and love that a spouse or both spouses had exasperated into thin air. What replaces the love is antagonism, hate, and resentment. The spouses may live together under the same roof but emotionally alone. Some may result in alcoholism in a bid to forget the bane of the emotional divorce. The couples may not talk to each other or do things together again unlike before. At this stage the couples may have decided to divorce.

Legal Divorce– This is where legal documents are presented to both parties to the marriage to sign to annul the marriage. If a party to the marriage has not signed the marriage is still legal and binding. This situation may have its own procedural complexities as some may involve going to court.

Unhappy married family couple getting divorced in asian attorney lawyers office, husband signing decree paper giving permission to marriage annulment dissolution, divorce settlement concept

Economic divorce-This is where the properties like houses, cars, or any investment should be decided upon on how to share. There are certain properties that may have been acquired by both spouses, others may have been acquired individually. However, there are legalities involved in the sharing and compensations that must be given.

Co-parental Divorce– This stage is necessary when the marriage produced a child or children. This means that this stage is absent when the marriage did not produce fruit. Here decisions should be made on the following;

  1. Who should be the caregiver
  2. How much will the child’s caring expenses be
  3. Who pays all the educational cost and expenses
  4. How many times and how long could a spouse who is not in possession of the child visit in a month

Even when these decisions have been arrived at implementing them becomes very challenging. A father or mother could manipulate the child or children to hate the other.

Community Divorce-Divorce goes beyond a man and his wife, the people who are externally linked to the marriage like relatives, friends, work colleagues may want to know why the divorce took place and so may be taken into consideration. Some relatives, friends, etc. relationships may be broken partly due to the divorce.

Psychological Divorce– This is where a party to the divorced marriage begins to feel the air of autonomy and does not need to depend on the other for survival. Some have difficulty adapting to a new way of life.

Considering the phases of divorce, it is, therefore, necessary to do everything possible to avoid divorce and achieve satisfaction in marriage.


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