Ghanaian businessman and media mogul Dr Kweku Oteng has claimed that he made a whopping Ghc 3 Million in just 3 months after he followed the advice of his pastor and paid tithe consistently.

The owner of the Angel Group of Companies made the revelations while speaking on his self-owned Angel FM in Accra.

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Dr Kweku Oteng said  he gets sick all the time and always use the little money he made to cure himself. This continued until he sought advice from his pastor who told him to pay his tithe consistently.

“I can remember that about 20 years back, I have never made any money more than a million, when I get the money to like between GH80 and GH100, I fall sick and use the money to cure myself until I get well and the money finish then I get back to work,” he told Angel FM.

“I approached my pastor with my issue and he said pay your tithe appropriately because if you do within 6 months you can get money up to 3 million. I obeyed his words and even made 3 million within 3 months,” he added.

Dr Oteng first broke onto the scene in 2001 with the Angel Herbal Products Industry. He currently owns businesses in broadcasting, transport, herbal medicine and the beverage industry. He owns the famous Adonko bitters distillery.

He also engages in charitable works across the country, providing scholarships to the needy over the years. He has also been involved in donating sanitizers and other safety equipments to facilities across the country to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

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