A Lagos state special offenses court sentenced a driver to death for killing his employer’s mother. Justice Mojisola Dada in a virtual court session sentenced Olalekan Hameed to death for killing Jolasun Okusanya.

The court proceeding was conducted on a video conferencing app, Zoom. Proceedings began on Monday after the hearing was sanctioned by the Chief Justice Kaleem Azalogba in line with COVID-19 remote hearing of cases.

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Hameed, 34, was charged with two counts of stealing $177 and N950,000 from the employer’s room in December 2018. The accused strangled the mother of his employer to death after she caught him in the act.

Hameed told the court that he only stole N1,000 but had nothing to do with the death of the woman.

The judge however held the claims of the prosecution that Hameed was the only with the deceased prior to her demise and he was also seen scaling the house of his employer.

Justice Mojisola’s Judgement

“It is also a fact that although the defendant went to the house of the employer to steal, the surprise of the deceased stumbling upon him led him to not just push the deceased, but strangle her in a bid to keep her from crying out.

The case is clear. I have not found any contradiction with the evidence of the prosecution witness that can be deemed material or weighty enough to cast any doubt on the case of the prosecution against the defendant in this case. The facts of the case are incompatible with the innocence of the defendant, but rather, his guilt on the two counts.

The defendant is hereby found guilty of the count two of murder and is hereby convicted as charged and accordingly sentenced to death.

The sentence of this court upon you, Olalekan Hameed, is that you be hanged by the neck until you are pronounced dead; may the Lord have mercy upon your soul. This is the virtual judgment of the court.”



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