Popular pastor and Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare has called for all to intercede for people whose businesses are been collapsed when politicians come into power.

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Agyin Asare who was preaching to his congregation during a service stated that a lot of prominent, reputable, and indigenous businessmen and entrepreneurs have been destroyed out of jealousy and envy by some politicians.

“In this country, we have always out of the spirit of envy, closed down industries and businesses of our own people. Growing up, there was a man called B.A Mensah, a builder, and founder of International Tobacco Ghana limited, I will never forget when I came to Accra first and this honorable man came to my house at Adenta and asked me ‘Bishop can you pray with me so that my property that has been taken so many years earlier will come to me’?

“J.K. Siaw established the first indigenous breweries in West Africa, which was taken. Years later, a very industrious man Eddie Annan also lost the Massai company, importers of cars, he was the representative of IBM and many other companies. Because he was perceived to be the financier of an opposition party.

“You see, those demons that pose our politicians when they get into political power are still at work today and we must exorcise them otherwise we are far from going forward. Our childrens’ children cannot even enjoy their inheritance and hard work,” he said.

He stressed: “Can we say that all the industries and firms we have closed under this regime were because all the people and companies were wrong? And we could not have done anything to have preserved these companies? I have been asking myself, so for Mr. Duffuor who used to be Finance minister and one time Governor of the Bank OF Ghana under whose turn as minister we had the best economic growth rate; 14% in a particular year, was there nothing we could do with his bank? What about Dr. Ndoum who introduced or expanded susu banking and had branches than any commercial bank in Ghana and more customers, then my own Amoabeng who helped me grow my first $100,000 through investment which I gave to the church as part of the contribution towards the building of the Dome. Could nothing have been done to save those Financial institutions? There are some financial institutions whose owners were rogues and careless and so yes, but these ones.

“The truth is that in Ghana, we are more tolerant of foreign companies than Ghanaian companies. We give them tax breaks for years because the investors coming to build the nation. Some of them come with nothing but our banks will give them loans. Our local firms can’t compete because we do everything to stifle them”.

Ending his message, he called for all to be united and build the nation as we pray for those whose businesses were collapsed by others out of envy.

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