EasyJet has been accused of intending to use pilots’ health records when developing plans for more than 700 layoffs. Pilots say the airline will use sick days to decide who loses their job -a claim EasyJet rejects.

However, the management of the airline said it had only put forward initial proposals to Balpa and talks were at a very early stage.

EasyJet is planning 727 pilot redundancies as part of up to 4,500 job layoffs and a restructuring that includes closing bases at Stansted, Southend, and Newcastle airports.

Prior to the start of formal talks, Balpa said the airline had told pilot representatives that it would use the disease as a factor in choosing the person who would lose his or her job.

  • EasyJet plans to close bases and reduce staff
  • EasyJet plans up to 4,500 job cuts in the event of a virus
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Brian Strutton, Balpa’s general secretary, called it outrageous.”Flight safety is built on a culture of openness and not fear repercussions. This is a well understood and fundamental tenet for everyone involved in ensuring our skies are safe. He added.


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