Social Media personality and Actress Efia Odo has for the first time posted a picture of himself and her father together after a long time of never talking with his dad.

Efia Odo who on countless occasions has spoken more about his mum rather than her father stating the reason as been more close to her mum and growing up without her father in her life to support and direct her .

According to Efia odo, she never had a fathers love but doesn’t blame his dad much for not been available to father her to be a better version of himself .

Posting a picture of herself and her dad she wrote the caption; “Dad it’s never too late to mend broken pieces”.

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Efia who seeks to re-candle the love between her  and her father stated that she didn’t grow up with her father much because she moved to America and her dad was in Ghana which make her mom the “Father Figure” in her life.

“And it’s not my fault or his fault that I don’t talk about him. He wasn’t there and it’s not his fault that he wasn’t there. Since I’ve been in Ghana we keep in communication like I try to make sure he’s good but it’s hard for me to really open up to him because he’s like a stranger. I don’t know him but then there’s something in me like I don’t even care. And so it’s like a battle, it’s like a fight, it’s one of my demons that I’m actually trying to fix. It’s hard to fix your demons cause they can kill you. So I’m spiritually trying to gather the strength and mentally trying to gather the strength to face, have a conversation and open up to my father.”She added.


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