Efia Odo a Tv presenter, actress, and model whose real name is Andrea Owusu has again thrown insults at the man of God by name Nigel Gaisie for calling a criminal a legend.

According to her, Nigel Gaisie is also a scammer and is no different from the criminal Hushpuppi who was arrested for engaging in criminal activities .

Nigel Gaisie who has been in the news off late for issues relating to his credibility again spoke during a service that Nigerian rich boy, Ray Hushpuppi deserves to be praised for being a successful hustler.

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He further on added that ,only a handful are able to survive in Dubai and for Hushpuppi to be so successful, he deserves some respect amid his arrest.

Efia Odo who saw the post  by PulseGhana on Twitter couldn’t ignore but add her views to it by stating that he is of the same feather as Hushpuppi and wasn’t surprised by his comments .


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