The member of Parliament for Sekondi Constituency Andrew Egyapa Mercer on the 19th September 2020 attended a Youth Conference organized by the New Patriotic Party(NPP) in his constituency Sekondi in the Western region said that “Agyapa Mineral Royalty is a good deal” in addressing the youth.

Agyapa Royalty primary aim is to help the limping Small scale gold mining companies by way of injecting capital into them to be able to stand on their oars to enure improvement of performancesvin a bid to make profit as well. Once the company invest in the limping mining companies, it means that it is going to have share in profit ownership. Again, the Agyapa Royalty is also to administer the collection of royalties from the various mining companies in Ghana.

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Further the government of Ghana wants to sell 49% of the ownership in terms of shares in London Stock Exchange which may be something in the region of $500 million. This means that the Ghana’s government will still have majority share ownership of 51%. The 49% shares that would be sold proceeds will be used for Ghana’s developmental agenda as and when successfully done meanwhile Ghana will have 51% of dividends every financial year which means more money for the country.

He added that the National Democratic Congress(NDC) is jealous of this wonderful thing and is seeking to frustrate its implementations.


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