Energy Minister, John Peter Amewu

Energy Minister, John Peter Amewu has assured Ghanaians that the President’s directives to discount tariffs on electricity bills will take full effect on May.

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H.E Nana Akufo-Addo on his 6th address to the nation on COVID-19 on 9th April 2020, announced that Ghanaians will enjoy 50% to 100% relief in electricity tariffs for the next three months effective on April, as part of the measures to ease the economic impact of the virus in the country.

The Minister has stated that due to the late announcement by the president, the directive will take full effect on May and be extended by a month.

“As at the time the president gave the announcement, most prepaid and postpaid users had already paid their tariffs. So the implementation of the directive will take full effect on May and extended to July,” the minister explained.

He maintained that the measure is to ensure that all Ghanaians benefit from the president’s directives.

He continued that “people who for some reasons are disconnected from the national grid as of April 9, will not enjoy the benefit.”

This is because the directive takes into consideration the individual’s last purchase in March.

“But if for some other reasons the individual pays his/her bills to be reconnected in April then, of course, they are entitled to the benefit,” he added.

The directive is reported to cause the nation over GH1 billion for the next three months.

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