Madam Elizabeth Yamoah of Agona Odoben Presby Junior High school H surprised many Ghanaians by completing BECE at 57 years was just pure determination on her part.

She was then invited and interviewed at Okay FM and in the process was quizzed and at the end of the day did well.

This so much enthused Fadda Dickson and Osei Kwame Despite to gift this woman GHC2000 for not listening to all the negative whispers against finishing BECE.

According to Madam Elizabeth Yamoah, she wants to continue her education to the Senior High school(SHS) after she passes the BECE exams since it is free. She is a widow with four children. Her motivation was because dropped out at a very tender age at school she wants to make up for her lost education. Unbelievably she wants to continue her education to become a nurse.

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This is a lesson to the youth who don’t see the essence of education even though it is very accessible now.

Video of what transpired at Okay FM when she was quizzed by Abeiku Santana;


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