Final year students who are unable to continue classes due to deteriorating health have been asked to stay home and prepare for their exams online and on other digital platforms.

The Ministry of Education has requested that unwell students or students with health conditions should not report when the school reopens later this month.

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Concerns have been raised about how these students will prepare for their final exams.

But the Ministry of Education Public Relations Officer, Vincent Ekow Essafuah, responded to this concern: “Parents are obliged to care for their children. If you suspect fever, malaria, or any type of illness, you should not send your child to school, because you might not know the cause. Therefore, it is important for parents to understand that they need to ensure that their ward feels safe before being sent to school. We are not in normal times.”

“However, online teaching continues, so what is available to them before school continues needs to be used. But we cannot take care of children’s health when they are at home. This is the full responsibility of the parents, but when they are at schools, teachers who serve as local residents must report the problem to one of the health directorates available,” he added.

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