The London Fire Brigade responded to an inferno early this evening 5:30 pm after fire swept through 30 flats, destroying 20 in a building in East London. The blaze which started at 5:30 BST spread over six floors in De Pass Gardens, Barking.

There were no further injuries after two people were treated at the scene for inhaling smoke. About 100 firefighters worked assiduously to put out the fire by 18.00.

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Authorities don’t know the cause of the inferno yet. Residents said they have raised alarms about the wooden balconies on the flats and warned that fire might happen sometime.

“I was in my fourth-floor flat when the fire started. We ran out. The fire brigade came but they found it hard to find a water supply at first.”

“We said that one day a fire is going to happen.

“We raised several issues to the builder, the maintenance companies and the council about the safety of having all these wooden balconies,” Mihaela Gbeorghe, a resident said.

Victims of the destruction were asked to take refuge at the Thames View Community Centre which is located a mile away from the scene.

Crews of the fire brigade are expected to stay the night out to ensure no further destruction.

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