Five Coronavirus patients have died earlier today in a Russian intensive care unit after a ventilator caught fire as a result of a short circuit.

150 Coronavirus patients were evacuated at the St. George City Hospital in St. Petersburg, where the incident happened. All the five patients who died were reportedly on ventilators at the time of the inferno.

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The fire which started at 6:20 am Russian time destroyed 108 square feet inside the St. George City Hospital. The ward which got damaged was converted to serve as a holding centre for COVID-19 patients. Fire was seen billowing out of the windows of the ward early morning after a ventilator short circuit resulted into a blaze.

‘An electric equipment malfunction, short-circuit failure, is seen as the preliminary reason,’ an emergency services spokesman said.

Another fire which happened on Saturday in a Moscow Hospital caused the evacuation of 295 patients and the death of a 95-year-old woman. The fire was caused by the explosion of anew oxygen balloon supplying a ventilator.

Russian officials say they are investigating both incidents. The country has confirmed over 232,000 cases of the Coronavirus, second to the US in world confirmed cases.

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