The Forum for Former MPs (FFMP), who are demanding the payment of salary arrears owed to its members is ready to challenge the decision of the Auditor-General.

The forum will seek redress at the appropriate institutions.

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In a letter dated May 8, 2020, Auditor General Daniel Domelevo rejected a request by the chief auditor to pay arrears to more than 200 former and current MPs.

The Auditor-General said that former members’ requests were illegitimate and conflicts of interest because most of the beneficiaries were members of the current government, including the president and chief of staff, or were still in parliament.

Speaking to Citi News, Apasera David, a former member of parliament in the Bolgatanga constituency for tickets to the National People’s Convention (PNC) and chair of the FFMP Forum, said the decision of the Auditor General will not stop them from fighting.

“There is an option where, if you are entitled and the government rejects this right, you can make use of appropriate compensation facilities, so there is a suitable place to ask for redress so we don’t care about the Auditor General. I think if the Auditor General has time to listen to us, he will understand our case. Nobody told us to create this, we did it on our own. We had no consultation from the Chief of Staff before proceeding with our action, we did this on our own because it is legal. We will use the appropriate institutions for the redress of our case,” he explained.

Below is the list of Former and Current MPs demanding for Salary Arrears



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