The first photo of one of three people killed in Islamist attacks in Nice and in which two victims were beheaded on the day of terror in France has emerged.

A 45-year-old sacristan at Notre Dame Basilica in Nice, Vincent Loques was brutally murdered while preparing for the first mass when a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant Brahim Aoussaoui attacked the church.

The Notre Dame Basilica in Nice

Aoussaoui is believed to have beheaded an elderly parishioner who had come to pray when the church opened before attacking Loques, and then stabbed a second woman who fled from the road before dying from her wounds. Armed police arrived 10 minutes later and shot Aoussaoui before arresting him.

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Elsewhere, a security guard outside the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was stabbed and wounded while two other men were arrested, one with a knife near a church in Sartreville after his father announced he would he planned to carry out an attack similar to the Nice one. Another who tried to get on a train in Lyon with a long blade was also arrested.

Vincent Loques was murdered while preparing for the first mass at the Notre Dame Basilica

Police are believed to have foiled another Islamist attack in the city of Avignon when an armed man was shot dead by officials after refusing to drop his gun.

However, it later emerged that the man was part of the right-wing anti-Islamic identity movement.

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The attack comes amid the anger of the Islamic world against President Macron for defending caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. 

Samuel Paty in north Paris less than two weeks to be beheaded for showing his class the cartoon of the Prophet during a free speech lesson.

Macron traveled to Nice after the attack and gave a speech shortly after 3 p.m. when church bells in France were rung in honor of the dead. Macron said it was clear that France was under attack.

In the Nice attack, the first victim, a woman in her seventies was attacked after she came to pray early and was found nearly beheaded.

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Vincent Loques, a 45 year old father of two, was also attacked and beheaded.

A third woman, described as African and 30 years old was stabbed several times and fled to a bar across the street, where she died.

The attacker was a 21-year-old Tunisian who is said to have come to France via Italy after smuggling across the Mediterranean.


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