Bill Gate’s wife, Melinda Gates has come under heavy criticism about a statement she made on Africa during an interview on CNN.

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Melinda Gates who is also a Co-founder of the Gates Foundation was speaking on the foundation’s effort to discover a vaccine for the virus in time in order to save the world from the virus.

Melinda stated that developing countries are less endowed to fight this pandemic, the reason for the need to discover a vaccine on time, less the situation will be worse in those countries.

Her worries were how developing nations with inadequate facilities are going to deal with the pandemic like how China was able to isolate a greater part of its population in order to contain the virus.

She continued that the situation is going to horrible if the pandemic strikes the developing countries.

Citing Ecuador as an example, she said “they are putting bodies out on the street and you are going to see that in some part of Africa.”

Watch the full interview below


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