It’s clear that dishonorable Kobina Tahiru Hammond MP of Adansi Asokwa does not know the actual history of Ghana.

This is because, if he knew, he will not be that silly and stinking in his utterances against the upright, extremely loyal and honest people of the Volta Region especially those from the Ketu South.

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K .T Hammond is a case of idiotic foolishness of an immatured adult man with an alien mentality, so unfit to be called a member of Parliament of Ghana of all countries.

Who in his right senses, in this day and age, thinks that we can build a vibrant united Ghana with such historical backwardness, naivety and ignorance.

For his information, the country Ghana was not a definite land mark of geophysical identity prior to independence.

Ghana evolved as a nation from four major multi-ethnic and geographical blocks namely, the Gold Coast (proper), Ashanti (that was compelled into the Gold Coast after series of wars), the Notheren Protectorate and the British Togoland.

Whilst Ashanti was defeated finally in a war and added to the Gold Coast, the British Togoland democratically voted in a Plebiscite in May 1956 in a hotly contested public referendum to join the Gold Coast.

The result of the 1956 Plebicite was duly recognised by the United Nations, and the citizens of the British Togoland were lawfully incorporated into the Gold Coast before Ghana became independence in March 1957.

By the unjust process of the Partition of Africa, ethnic localities and tribes have been perpetually penciled into separate countries, and but for the backwardness of your political tradition, you know the Osagyefo would have reunited the continent.

On the continent of Africa, many homognous ethnic groups have been divided and perpetually separated geographically and physically but not in their cultural identities and commonalities.

It had been expected that new leaders of Africa, would have worked to reunite our Continent into a United Africa, devoid of regionalism, ethnicity and tribalism.

It would have been expected that, leaders of Ghana who have inherited a united forward looking country, would have added to our progress in the Africa Unity Agenda.

Its shocking that in the year 2020 and just on the eve of an election, a failed government has wrongfully mislead itself to belief that,simply and dangerously mis-stating the historical process of how the Gold Coast became Ghana, is the way to win an election.

It’s now clear that the recent heightened Seperatist agitation of some persons to decouple the Volta Region from Ghana may have been a total hoax and politically engineered.

Could it not be the case that the failed attempt to subtly instigate the Separatist Agenda was a political mischief aimed at isolating and intimidating true citizens of Ghana in the Ketu Municipality from exercising their civic responsibility as Ghanaians.

KT Hammond is so bankrupt in history and common sense, otherwise he would have tried to find out how Accra and Kumasi have suburbs as Osu Alata, Fante New Town, Moshie Zongo Zambrama Line, Anloga in Kumasi etc.

K.T Hammond would have known the natural relationship between the people of Bono in Ghana and Yamousokro, Awowin and Ayeen of La Corte de D’ivoire.

If KT Hammond was intelligent, he would have properly schooled himself by the reasoning of the Erminent Asantehene about the true history that historically only, handsome and strong men of Northen extraction were carefully selected to father Ashanti Chiefs and Royalty.

In 1969, it was Prime Busia and President Akufo Addo who enacted the infamous Aliens Compliance Order and deported millions of Nigerians only to appropriate their properties and investments.Now under Nana Akufo Addo’s Presidency it is the turn of the Voltarians.

KT Hammond which school did you attend, and never had a single chance to read the Short History of Ghana authored by Prof Albert Adu Boahene?

How come you never learnt of the results of the May 1956 Plebiscite?

K T Hammond, knowing that you a less knowledgeable an ignorant Legislature, can’t you have any sensible and intelligent colleague MP to read and explain to you the import of the United Nation Resolution 1044 and its content?

K.T Hammond have you ever read the Ghana Independence Act 1957 of the United Nations?

K.T Hammond do you know that as a government the NPP has a constitutional responsibility of protecting and defending the territorial integrity of Ghana?

Since l intend to cure you of your political ignorance and naivety, l am respectfully asking you to do stop messing around and read Article 6 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

6(1) Every person who, on the coming into force of this Constitution, is a citizen of Ghana by law shall continue to be a citizen of Ghana.

K.T Hommond in what year were the people of Ketu South stripped of their citizenship and by what law?

K. T Hammond kindly remind our President of the oath he took under the Second Schedule of the 1992 Constitution that reads …

I Nana Addo Danquah Akofo Addo do in the name of the Almighty God swear that l will bear true faith and allegiance to the Republic of Ghana by law established; that l will uphold the “sovereignty and integrity of Ghana” and that l will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

K.T Hammond did you see in the President’s oath that you had any right to determine that the people of the Volta Region are not part of the sovereign state of Ghana?

K.T Hammond are you sure you are helping the President to uphold the constitution of Ghana by this your senseless effusions?

Why are you blackmailing the President to breach his Oath of Allegiance and Presidential Oath?

You are so determined in your stupidity to bring this country under a calamity by deploying your slavish mentality to believe that it is only by this that the government may be retained in power.

But of course Hon A.B.A Fuseini states it correctly that ” A man who has no drums beats his own chest to dance”.

Kwame Nkrumah prevailed in 1957 and we shall also prevail in 2020.

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