Comedian and Actor Funny face has come out to render an apology to all he offended in the previous weeks.

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The past weeks have seen a whole lots of misunderstanding between Funny Face and the mother of his kids Vanessa and her family where they came out to threw words at each other.

Funny face accused his baby Mama of joining forces with people to fight against him. Vanessa also accused him of pointing a gun at her.

All these seem to have ended as Funny Face took to his Instagram page to apologize to his baby Mama Vanessa and her family for his actions.

In his apology, he accepted the blame for whatever that happened between them and asked them to forgive him.

He called on the family of Vanessa to come together and build the family though they are angry at each other.

According to him, he went to the road of depression and loneliness but Jehovah, his fans and true friends saved him with words of encouragement.

He also asked his fans to forgive him for any insults he threw at them during that period.

Funny Face and Vanessa have welcomed another baby girl.


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