The children’s president Funny Face has thoughtfully given life a second chance after sending out suicidal message.

Funny Face initially sent out a suicidal message on Instagram to his friend Kwaku Manu

Funny face sent a suicidal message to Actor Kwaku Manu asking him to take care of his kids because he felt like dying and deactivated his Instagram account immediately.

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However Funny Face has resurfaced as Zion Felix visited him in his house when he decided not to pick up calls.

But Kasoa Van damme as he calls himself has had a change of mind saying he wants to give life a ‘second chance’

According to him, he has decided to give life a second chance  because of messages he got from parents and their children. He said some of the kids even insulted him for having such a thought.

“Me yesterday in my inbox on Instagram people made their children do voice notes and some of the children were insulting me and telling me not to try it.

He said he was depressed. Adding that depression is like a human and it was depression that was talking to him.

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