Popular Ghanaian singer, Fuse ODG has burnt down paintings of Jesus during a video he shared on his Instagram page. Fuse believes it’s wrong for Christians to worship the image of Jesus since it contradicts the commandments of God.

According to him, the paintings of Jesus in our rooms are just like the idols we were commanded not worship so all paintings must be taken down.

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He added that we must all worship God in spirit and in fact, he does not believe pictures.

He wrote;

For the oppressed, as Africans, we will hope that the oppressors can do the proper thing but we cannot depend upon it. we’d like to require our faith into our own hands. we have the responsibility to affect our own truth and it starts with this (pointing to Jesus’ painting).”

This is a seed and is often the seed that gave birth to [Adolf] Hitler and his doctrine. this is often the seed that gave birth to the KKK, the apartheid in South Africa, the Rwandan genocide, the nation of color bleaching across the world to date as we speak, and therefore the list goes on.”
“This isn’t even biblical. If you read the Bible, it specifically tells us to not create any images within the sort of a person or a lady or any creature on earth. this is often ‘ideology’ and again if you read the Bible there’s nothing that got hate than idolatrywe’d like to require down these images and worship God in spirit and in fact .”

He ended by saying, “this must be taken down from every single church in Africa”, after which he set the painting of Jesus ablaze.

Watch The Video Below;

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