The President and the founder of House of Power Ministries International Prophet Francis Kwateng. He currently has over 150 branches in Ghana and across the world. Some of the international branches are found in South Africa, USA, UK, Cote D’Ivoire, Gabon, Senegal and many more.

In one of his sermons in the church’s TV station, Elijah TV entitled the ‘fall of Ghana’ he made very interesting revelations which is worth reading and listening to.

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He started by saying Ghana abounds in mineral resources like gold, bauxite, manganese, diamond, timber, and oil that God specifically gave to this nation.

Almost all our mineral resources are managed and controlled by foreigners most of them are depleted. Illegal mining has destroyed our water bodies and a time will come that we will have import water for domestic consumption.

The reasons why he says our mineral resources have become a curse to us is that;

Prophet Francis Kwateng
  1. Before gold or mineral is extracted sacrifice is done to the gods neglecting God who deposited all the mineral resources in the earth. No sacrifice or recognition is given to the Almighty God who gave us. According to him the moment he travelled to England some years ago when he set his foot there right at the airport the Holy Spirit spoke to him. The English when they came to Gold Coast they saw a lot of gold around when the owners did not know the use of it, but after they took some they used a chunk of the proceeds to build churches for God knowing that they needed to make a sacrifice to God. As he was saying the Holy Spirit showed him church buildings that are unused which were built earlier but had not converted them for any other purpose even though they are fallow. We need to build church houses or make a sacrifice to God who was the giver of those resources rather gods as a nation.

2. Dr Nkrumah importing ‘Kanka Nyame’ from Guinea to Ghana was also highlighted in his submission. The nation was committed to gods instead of God to rule affairs. He believes until we realize the supremacy of God the nation may not rise to prominence. Real success is found in God and the blessings of the Lord he adds no sorrow to it.

One may wonder the fact that Ghana is about building a national cathedral if what the Prophet is saying we want to implement it as a nation does it mean that we have begun on a right tangent ?.

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