Peace is something that cannot be bought, but it is made and worked for. It is a special precious product we cannot trade it for anything. Ghanaians should not take peace for granted because of record of peace in elections since 1992. The current issues of party militia and Ayawaso Wuogon by-election has raised some fear among Ghanaians already. Most Ghanaians I have interacted with did say that they will not go out to vote during the general elections come December, 7, 2020 and their reason was that they are afraid of their lives because if a by-election could produce this kind of violence like Ayawaso Wuogon how much more general elections. They reiterated that their lives and that of their family should be protected and so it means that they will convince their families not to come and vote during the general elections. I am expecting low voter turnout during come December, 7, 2020 unless Ghanaians are assured by the major stakeholders like the political parties leaders and their candidates and/or supporters of peaceful elections. One could say that Peace Council has been inter-mediating but in my opinion has not given us the needed assurance yet. We know they tried severally to intermediate between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and NDC (National Democratic Congress) on party militias issues to disband their existence, however, Ghanaians are not convinced and assured of the exit of these party militias.

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Political stability assures investors of safe business environment and that their business will not be risked. It brings about investor confidence and attract more investors more especially foreign Direct Investment.

Peaceful countries make their inhabitants feel safe and sound and experience real freedom. Sustainability of peace means that the security machinery and the judicial service are working around the clock to maintaining peace,order, justice and fairness. Any act of violence should be condemned and dealt with swiftly and rightly to ensure it serves as a deterrent to potential perpetrators.

We know the devastating repercussions of countries that experienced political instability such as Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia, Somalia, Libya, etc. In fact, children and women are the worst affected. It renders them homeless and in total pain. Properties, families and infrastructural developments are lost and destroyed. Children are seen mal-nourished because of hunger and some of the people who survive wars are maimed and/or have psychological trauma.

It serves as a deterrent to investors to invest in such war prone countries. They will logically not risk their investment in such countries because tomorrow their businesses will be destroyed by wars and instruments of mass destruction that are generally used in wars like bombs, etc. This makes the inhabitants run for their lives and move to neighbouring or different countries for refuge where they become refugees and this put pressure on world food security and economy. They practically become burden politically, socially and economically worldwide.

Political instability hampers development in the affected countries. Even after the wars are over it takes them long years to regroup and develop their infrastructure, economic and political persuasions.

Most wars in countries occur due to elections rigging and malfeasance. Power drank leaders go every length to get power whether or not it is a justifiable, fair and/or credible. They don’t think about innocent people like children, pregnant women and the aged, etc. who had no business in their struggle for power.

I am however, hopeful that our stakeholders like the politicians, party supporters, floating voters and any other Ghanaian are not interested in elections violence and political instability and clearly we are working towards the sustenance of peace before, during and after the General Elections in 2020. We Ghanaians have naturally the virus of peace in our DNA.

In fact, this is what our vice president, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia put on a twitter page on peace during this Ramadan season:

May 11,2019.

“Currently we enjoy real peace and harmony between Muslims and Christians largely because we tolerate and accept each other despite our diversity. We should not take this precious commodity (peace) for granted since the absence of it means anything worse one can think of.”

“In my address, I called for peace and unity among colleagues of the Islamic faith, as well as the need for acceptance and tolerance across various faiths in Ghana, particularly between Muslims and Christians”.



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