Ghana in the immediate past was labelled as money laundering country by the EU and was advised to take steps to remove such obnoxious status by deeds and remedial steps. Efforts had been made by the government of Ghana to correct this anomaly and according to the Press Release from the Office of President signed by Eugene Arhin, Acting Director of Communication Ghana would be relieved of money laundering status come June 2021 following the satisfactory assessment by European Commission, the European Union and other appropriate bodies.

“It is expected that the Financial Action Task Force(FATF), the Global Money Laundering and terrorist financing watchdog, will, in June 2021, announce that Ghana has been taken off its list of high risk, third-world countries with strategic deficiencies in Anti-Money Laundering taken off the list”.

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Additionally, Ghana has been selected to be the manufacturing hub for COVID-19 vaccine for Africa.

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