Deputy Energy Minister in charge of petroleum, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam said at Ghana mining and Energy Summit in Accra, that domestic gas prices will soon reduce.According to him this decision is necessary due to requests and pleas from various businesses in Ghana about the fact that the current domestic gas prices are not favourable for their businesses.

He added that, this reduction in domestic gas prices will enable businesses especially the mining and industrial, transport sectors,etc to increase productivity, grow and increase profitability, because their cost of production will reduce. This will enhance economic growth in Ghana.

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Deputy Energy Minister in charge of petroleum said, “We are also re-calibrating domestic gas prices. We are doing all this because we know that cheaper sources of power are essential for the growth of our economy; essential for your operation as mining companies and essential if we have to accelerate the development of our country for the benefit of our people,” he said.

Also at the summit, the president of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Eric Asubonteng says his sector will do all it can to create congenial atmosphere to ehnace mining operations so that Ghana continues to be the best mining country in West Africa.Further, Ghana is now the leading producer of gold in Africa.


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