Ghanaian millionaire Cheddar has proved his worth by showing off his iPhone which was customized with 24-karat gold on his social media handle.

Cheddar whose real name is Freedom Jacob Caeser is said to be a  real estate mogul who stated that the phone was a gift from a friend of his.

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Posting the picture on his social media he gave the caption which read; “When I received this case a lot of things going through my head, it’s like you have the 2020 technological information to change this world”

The iPhone was said to have come with another gold plated phone case with its other devices which the Ghanaian millionaire showed off.

The customized phone also has his name written on it.

Many people have shared in his joy with a lot of others calling for him to also bless them with something they can cherish him for.

See it all in the video below:


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