James 1:1-12

Do you have to make decisions, but you feel you are not up to the task?  I expect that applies to many of us.  James the author of this letter gives advice to such people.  He realised we need to seek out God for wisdom

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In the old testament, Solomon was asked what he wanted God to do for him.  Solomon asked for wisdom governing the people.  God granted it to him.  We may not be in the same position as Solomon, but we all make decisions and decisions may have consequences. It is for this reason that we need to seek God’s wisdom. We may make decisions at work or church or for our families and the result of those decisions affect other people.  I think that a love for people lies behind every good decision.  It begs the question; how do we make good decisions?  We look at the facts before us, we judge them and then we make a decision, but sometimes when we decide we are not in possession of all the facts. Nevertheless, we must decide and perhaps taking time about it is a good idea.

However, in this passage, we are told that there is something we should ask God for. Bear in mind that James was writing to a church that was suffering and in the midst of what they suffered they had to make decisions that would be good for everyone involved.  James starts by saying they should count their trials Joy for this tests their faith and produces endurance.  Indeed, it does, but it is so hard to do.  It is during this that they should ask for wisdom.  Note that James did not tell them to ask for deliverance from whatever the trial was.  God is interested in developing our character and love and sometimes he brings along trials to achieve that.

He says that we should ask for wisdom but in asking he attaches a condition.  He says that we should ask in faith and not doubt, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind. They will keep changing their minds and not decide.  We must ask for wisdom not doubting that God will give it.  As I write this the people I work with have to make decisions that will affect all of us. I am praying for wisdom as I trust all of us are, but I have never prayed for wisdom and then felt that I had been zapped by God and suddenly acquired knowledge that I previously did not have.  It has not got anything to do with feelings. This is all about trusting in God and drawing close to him and putting our petition for wisdom before him. It is about finding out that God loves us and is trustworthy and will do as he says. He will enable us to be wise, even if we do not always feel that way.

Do you need wisdom in your situation?  Ask God for it and do not doubt he will.

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