The COVID-19 contact tracing team in Ghana are finding it difficult to locate some of the people believed to have had contact with some of the patients or have tested positive of the virus.

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It was reported that two residents of Old Fadama are on the run after testing positive with the fear that their blood samples will be used for rituals.

According to the team, the two runaways are afraid to report because of circulated rumours in the community that their blood samples will be used for rituals by the government.

“We have tried reaching them on phones but their phones are mostly off and the few times we are lucky to reach them they have refused to disclose their whereabouts,” 

“They fear we will use their blood samples for rituals because that is the rumour being spread in the community,” according to the contact tracing team.

Doctor taking blood sample for testing

Aside from the fact that the whereabouts of the two is unknown, they have refused to disclose the identities of people they may have had contact due to the same reason.

They disclosed that one of the runaways who is a head-potter popularly known as kayayo who was sharing a single room with 15 other people including children.

Ghana has recorded 378 COVID-19 cases which more than half of the number due to community infection ie people with no history of travelling outside the country.

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