Former President and flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama has criticized the government for lack of planning before the imposition of the lockdown in some affected cities in the country.

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During a digital conversation of Facebook on Thursday, 30th April 2020, which was dubbed “JohnMahamaLive”, the former president revealed that the government’s humanitarian intervention during the lockdown was a disaster due to poor planning before the lockdown.

“If you do a lockdown, one of the things you have to have right is your humanitarian intervention because you are basically asking people to stay at home and not go out to engage in any economic activities in order that they can earn an income to feed themselves. Unfortunately, the government’s humanitarian intervention was a disaster,” he explained.

According to the former President, the situation affected the distribution of food items and other relief items to the vulnerable under the lockdown, which he believes contributed to reasons for the lifting of the lockdown.

He stated that “the whole system of food distribution was so poorly organized and indeed that is one of the reasons I believe that forced the president to lift the lockdown because if it had continued, people would have faced the option of starving or coming out and taking their chance with the virus.”

He stressed on the fact that there are systems put in place in the collection of utility tariffs, which similar approach could have been employed in the distribution of food items.

“We have a system where we are able to deliver electricity and water bills to every corner of this country to collect bills for government, why could we not have the same system to deliver food to the doorstep of the people,”

“I believe that if I was the president, I probably would have planned this better and would have executed it in a much better way”

The NDC’s criticised the government for allegedly politicising the distribution of relief items to the poor during lockdown which the former President labelled the incident as “unfortunate.” 

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