Popular American Gospel singer Troy Sneed lost his live to the Coronavirus pandemic on the 27th of April. The 52-year old Grammy nominated singer died early Monday at a hospital in Jacksonville according to his publicist, Bill Carpenter.

Sneed sung with the Georgia Mass Choir traveling across the United States in the early stages of his career. He featured in a movie starring popular actor Denzel Washington and singer, Whitney Houston  with the choir. He arranged the songs on the album of the choir.

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Sneed and Emily, his wife started a record label called Emtro. The label was a success having some of the best American musicians at the time.

Sneed’s solo career saw him release seven studio albums with chart topping songs. Two songs on one of his albums, “Work It Out” and “My Heart Says Yes” peaked at No.2 on Billboard’s Gospel Charts. He also has the upbeat “Hallelujah” to his name.

When the singer was young and was singing with the Georgia Mass Choir, he produced ” The Struggle Is Over” on the choir’s “Youth For Christ” album. The song peaked at No.1 on Billboard’s Gospel Chart in 2006.

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