Another fascinating food worthy of mention is onion whose benefits are outrageous. Onions could be eaten raw, boiled, baked, and/or in syrup. Onion is a type of vegetable which contains varying percentages of carbohydrates, vitamins. But contains small percentages in fat, proteins, minerals. It has more sulfur content, rich in enzymes. It is also a fiber vegetable.

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Onions are noted for dealing with respiratory disorders like sinusitis, pneumonia, etc when eaten raw. The sulfur content helps in this regard. Onions are able to break down heavy mucus which facilitates the expectoration of bronchial mucus.

It is also potent to stoping or relieving people with asthma crisis especially when it is eaten raw.

Onions contribute to preventing the formation of clots within the arteries and veins and improve blood circulation in the coronary arteries. In a nutshell, scientific research has proven to deal with heart diseases.

Consumption of onions is good for those suffering from kidney stones, urinary infections, or renal failure. It is able to remove waste products through urine because of its alkalizing effects.

It is also good for diabetics. it is able to reduce blood glucose.

It is also good for those suffering from liver disorders. It is good in cases of hepatic failure.

According to scientific research, those who eat more onions and garlic have a lower risk of developing stomach cancer.




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