The Ghana Health Service (GHS) evaluates why more health workers in the country are testing positive for COVID-19.

Health professionals constantly complain about inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE), which increases the risk of infection while doing their job.

For example, last week there were 43 health workers in the Western Region who tested positive. 15 and 30 cases were respectively registered in the Eastern and Ashanti regions.

Ghana’s Director-General of Health, Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagya said that although health workers were classified as being at high risk, some may have contracted the virus from their community of residence.

“In addition to being at high risk of infection in the workplace, health professionals are also part of our community so they can respond to it like everyone else. We value everything. We have an insurance package for the infected, so it’s important to track it. That’s why we did additional research to see what was happening. The most important thing is to have health workers affected, and therefore the numbers increase. This is a cumulative number that continues to grow. Not that this is a new case that has emerged. They don’t always go to isolation centres or treatment centres to get infected. A case can arise and infect a worker,” he said


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