Men inevitably need ladies in their lives and this applies to the ladies as well. One may wonder why sometimes ladies complain about or may want to leave their suitors or husbands.

Ladies complain of men who are inextricably stingy. Men who are individualistic tend to reduce the love of their suitors or wives when they find out. What I am talking about here is not about having billions of dollars or pounds to share. It is about the sharing attitude of the man. If the man has little and he cannot share when the need arises, when he gets more he will not share. Good women appreciate the little things or good ideas their suitors or husbands are able to share considering the intention. This situates a good mental picture in the mind of the lady or wife for the man. For the fact, that the man has shared makes her love deepen for the man. Sharing here is not only about money, but even small gifts.

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No show of love/romance- Every lady wants a romantic man. The way a man talks or dresses play a role here. The attention, care, empathy, and carnal knowledge are needed by ladies. A lady would be complaining if these things are not or some of them are not seen.

Infidelity- No lady can tolerate infidelity. Ladies complain of their husbands or supposed suitors who go after other ladies. This is a recipe for a break-up or divorce.

Unbridle jealousy- a man who suspects her life partner of being with another man without substantial evidence at the least trigger. A man who goes through the phone of his suitors or wife almost every time to check on and/or call all those she called may push the lady to want to leave the relationship. Ladies feel not trusted if a life partner keeps doing that and this makes them complain without any evidence of dating another man.

Too much dictatorship- a man who says I am a man and so everything  I say is what you must do. Dictatorship must not be 100% in relationship or marriage. Ladies who complain of that feel they are in the army and not given room to express opinions or suggestions. A man who is 100% authoritarian may make the lady susceptible to other men who are not dictators. The issue is a man must be a dictator at some point, but not at all times.

Inadequate communication-communication is the life wire of every relationship. Ladies are natural talkers. Any relationship devoid of communication is bound to fail. It is through communications that differences could be sorted out. Communications help to know and understand each other well. Communication helps to remove wrong perceptions, tolerate, and work on each other’s weaknesses.

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