Relationship whether in marriage or not is a difficult venture but if well managed could be enjoyable. Men need women just as women need men. It is empirically difficult when two people of different persuasion and background decide to be in a  serious relationship or marriage.

Men are put off when their partner nags on almost everything. Ladies who turn to complain of baseless and unfounded issues make their guys regret being in a relationship with or marrying such ladies. If nagging attitude lingers on it serves as a springboard for a break-up or divorce.

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Ladies who are not submissive to their partners make them feel worthless and disrespected. Men feel good, pampered, and respected when their ladies submit to them. Every rational man loves his lady more when submitted to. Submission here does not mean that the men should trample upon the ladies far from that. How do ladies submit to their partners?. It should show in the way they talk, attitudes, and other non-verbal cues. Ladies who are are soo much ingrained with superiority complex most at times have their guys leave, break up, or divorce them.

Unfaithfulness is a recipe for pandemonium in a relationship whether in a courtship or marriage. Unfaithfulness occurs when a lady who is in a relationship or married goes after other men simultaneously. No man will be happy in such a situation normally. This a big factor for a break-up or divorce.

Ladies who demand so much from their life partners tend to make them feel that they are with them in the name of materialism. If a man logically finds out that his fiancee or wife shows him love anytime he presents gifts or meets her material demands, but the so-called love exasperates into thin air in the absence of all those make the man thinks he has made a mistake. The man begins to think he has is trying to love a lady who doesn’t love him back. The man may want to find options in such a situation which may lead to a break-up or divorce.

Some women are unjustifiably or overly jealous in such a way that little stimuli by their friend or husband bring concrete jealousy to them. If they see their guy talk to somebody on the phone whether a man or woman become a bedrock for suspicion. Men inevitably may interact with the opposite sex when the need arises. The opposite sex could be a relative or just a friend. Ladies who just jump into conclusions without substantive evidence makes the man feel untrusted. I am not saying that some men are not womanizers, don’t get me wrong. What I talking about here is a genuine case of a faithful man.

Inadequate or absence of romance is also dangerous. Every man needs a romantic lady. The romance here does not always mean sex. Men feel super good when their wives of girlfriends compliment them after he has achieved some level of success in a particular area. Men want their ladies to look good and pamper them.

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