Luka Lorena, a stylist company has filed a lawsuit against Migos gang members, Takeoff and Quavo and their manager, Daniel Zook for breach of contract and conspiracy to convert property.

The company alleges that the hiphop group is owing them $80,000 worth of luxury clothing. Offset has been added to the lawsuit in a new filling this week according to Bossip.

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Offset was added to the lawsuit because he refused to provide his social security number to file for the company’s taxes according to Lorena’s principal, Alicia Allicock.

Allicock said the company had an agreement with Takeoff and Quavo to purchase luxury clothing for the group with their approval after which they will payback the company for the purchases and an additional 20% styling fee.

Allicock claimed the deal started well inĀ  April 2019 until two months later when the company asked Quavo to pay $34,000 dollars for some purchases. Zook started making excuses for the group and went dark after some time.

Takeoff and Zook himself also had the same issues with Luka Lorena. The company said, the rappers used their agents to intimidate them. Takeoff still owes the company $35,625 while Quavo owes $44,294.

The company is praying the court to get their money back and punish the Migos for damages as well as reimburse them for lawyer fees.

Luka Lorena also alleged that they helped the “Racks 2 Skinny” crooner a beyond styling. They said they helped the rappers partake in a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris.

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