A MasterChef Restaurateur and her husband who were forced to close down their restaurant just few weeks after opening it have been killed in New Jersey.

The couple Garima Kothari, a former finalist on India’s MasterChef and her husband Manmohan mall were both found dead on Sunday morning.

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Kothari’s body was found in the couple’s luxury apartment in the morning at 7:15 am. Hudson prosecutors said she suffered trauma to her upper body.

Kothari opened a waterfront “Indian soul food” restaurant called Nukkad in February but shut it down late March as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Police responded to reports of a possible suicide attempt and her husband’s body was retrieved from the Hudson River 30 minutes after Kothari’s was found in their luxury apartment.

Manmohan Mall, the 37-year old husband of Kothari moved to the US to obtain a degree in Financial Engineering at the Columbia University after graduating from the India Institute of Technology.

Kothari moved to New York to become and event manager after switching from her career, investment banking to place top 15 in MasterChef India in 2010. She graduated from Le Corden Bleu in Paris. She managed events for Melinda Gates and other notable celebrities.

The MasterChef finalist reopened her restaurant on April 16 to do deliveries and takeaways in order to pay some expenses and provide for her staff. She also planned to donate meals to the New Jersey City Medical Centre.

“I would so appreciate the support of the community at this point of time! Existence in silo is not possible, hence I feel compelled to stay open & support my skeletal staff & be able to pay some fixed expenses (now that small biz fed loans have been lapped up by the Ruths & Shake shacks,” Kothari wrote on Facebook wall 6 days before her death.

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